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Project Description

Multiple Site Manager for SharePoint is a server tool which allows administrators to create, delete, and manage SharePoint 2007 sites, site collections, and My Sites either using a CSV file. Site columns with specific settings can also be created using XML.


The application must be run on a Office SharePoint Server 2007 front-end Web server, logged in as an account with full permissions to the SharePoint server farm. Multiple Site Manager is currently not supported on Windows SharePoint Services.

Creating/Deleting Sites and Site Collections

You will need to format the CSV file for creating and deleting sites and site collections as follows:

For example:
Test Site,This is a test site,testsite

Please note: If you select the "Create Visitors, Members, and Owners Groups" option when creating sites (not site collections), the groups will not be automatically removed from the site collection upon deletion of the sites.

Ensure that there are no blank lines or spaces at the bottom of the CSV file.

Creating/Deleting My Sites

The CSV file for creating My Sites will need to be in the following format:

For example:

Ensure that there are no blank lines or spaces at the bottom of the CSV file.

Creating Site Columns

To create a site column, you must use the standard XML specified in article For example,

<Field Type="Text"
Description="The current version number of the file in SharePoint."
DisplayName="Current Version"
ShowInNewForm="FALSE" />

The application uses CSV parser code created by Jouni Heikniemi, available at

Please note: Multiple Site Manager may temporarly hang whilst parsing your CSV file. Please be patient, as the application will recover to complete the operation. This is a known issue and shall be improved in future versions.

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